A memorable Day in My life.

  1. Write a paragraph on the experience of your first day at school.
  2. How was your feeling before the journey to the school?
  3. What did you do before going to school?
  4. With whom did you reach your first school?
  5. What was your feeling  after reaching the school?
  6. What was your feeling when your class teacher called out your name?
  7. How did you enjoy the class?
  8. What was your overall feeling on the day?

My first day at school is a very memorable day in my life. When my parents declared the news or my schooling , I became very much excited and started dancing in great joy. Then the expected day came. I went to every member of our family and received blessings from all. I was very happy. Then I reached our village primary school with my father. I joined my classmates and started shouting and running around the school premises. I thought that I was in the school only to enjoy myself with my classmates. Then the bell for classroom rang and I entered the first class of my school life. At first I felt thrilled , When our class teacher called out my name, I became more excited and delighted. He asked me my fathers name and some other questions . I answered them all. He introduced me to the class. The teacher was a very jolly minded man . Then two more classes were held . I made friends , explored the school and played in the school field . All these gave me great joy, delight and thrill. This was my first day school. I can still clearly remember this happy day of my life.

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