A Tea Stall .

  1. Imagine that there is a tea stall in your area. Read the following questions and write a paragraph by answering them.
  2. Where does a tea stall sit?
  3. What are sold in a tea stall?
  4. What types of furniture are there in a tea stall?
  5. Why and when people come to a tea stall?
  6. How is a tea stall managed?
  7. What so people discuss gathering there?

A tea stall is very common both in towns and villages in our country. It usually sits at a crowded place . It is found in a market place, a square, a  bus stand, a railway station and near schools and colleges . In a tea stall usually tea is served to the customers in exchange of money. But biscuits, bananas, cigarettes, betel leaves etc., are also sold there. Though some tea stalls are well-furnished, most of them are poorly furnished. It is usually decorated with chairs, tables and benches. People go to a tea stall to take a cup of tea to remove their tiredness. A tea stall is kept open from early morning till late night . In a tea stall there are generally two people to manage and run it. One is a grown up man who prepares tea and takes bill from the customers, and the other is a young boy who serves tea , biscuits, etc, to the customers. Sometimes , people come to a tea stall in a group and raise a storm over the cup. They discuss about politics, daily affairs, various problems and what not . After all, a tea stall is a useful place for many people.

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