A Village Doctor.

  1. Imagine you have seen a village doctor. Write a paragraph about a village doctor by answering the following questions.
  2. What is his qualification?
  3. How is his dispensary?
  4. How is his treatment?
  5. What are his social functions?


A village doctor is a well-known person who renders medical service to the villagers. A village doctor usually does not have higher knowledge on medicine and treatment. Very few of them may have short course on the primary knowledge of this profession . Most of them become a village doctor after serving for several years as an assistant in a dispensary. He is the person to whom the villagers come to have the treatment. Sometimes he has to go to the house of a patient who is severely ill. Though he can not perform major operations, he offers the villagers a ready service . His dispensary, though not rich in medicine, contains all which are very necessary. The village doctor is honorable among the villagers as he pays them a helpful service at any time. He is somewhat responsible for the health-condition of the villages. Therefore, he should be given more practical training by the government for the better treatment of the villagers.

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