Arsenic Problem.

  1. Imagine, you have an idea about arsenic problem. Write a paragraph in 250 words on “ Arsenic problem” .
  2. What is arsenic?
  3. What disease does it lead to?
  4. What is source of arsenic?
  5. How do people get affected by arsenic?
  6. How can we prevent it?

Arsenic is a poisonous chemical . It is whit is color. Normally, all kinds of water contain arsenic . The tolerable amount  of arsenic in drinking water is .01mg-.05mg/L. But about 25% tube wells in Bangladesh contain about 40mg of arsenic per liter. By drinking this excessive amount of arsenic contaminated water many people are suffering from a disease named arsenic sis . Arsenic is not found in the surface of water . It is found in tube well water. Arsenic sisis not a contagious disease. Consciousness can help us to get rid of this disease. Poisoning by arsenic is a slow process. The majority of the tube wells in Bangladesh are free from arsenic . But they should be tested. The best way to get rid of this disease is to drink water from the sources that contain no arsenic. Rainwater can be collected for this purpose. The government should come forward to solve this problem. They should make the people conscious of arsencosis . At the same time , they should make arrangements for supply of pure drinking water.

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