Drug Addiction.

  1. Imagine, one of your friends is drug addicted and so you know about the dangers of drug addiction. Now write a paragraph about it b y answering  the following questions.
  2. What is meant by drug addiction?
  3. Why do people become drug addicted?
  4. What are the after effects of it?
  5. What type of diseases are caused by it?
  6. How can it be checked?

A drug is usually used as a medicine to cure diseases. But sometimes it is taken by some people as a habit to get amusement. This habit of taking harmful drug is called drug addiction. The people who take drug can not stop taking it . There are some reasons behind this addiction. Some people take drugs to forget there painful past or present. Some people take drugs as a pursuit of pleasure. Some people at first take a drug as a fun but afterwards it turns into an addiction for them . The after effects of drug addiction are very harmful and serious . The health of the addicts bread down . They lose their mental and physical power. They lose their social status and the love of their near and dear ones as well. Everybody dislikes or hates them. Various kinds of diseases attack them . They suffer from amnesia, insomnia, nausea, physical weakness, blood pressure and from many other critical diseases. Their lungs, kidneys and livers also are damaged. So, it should be stopped at any cost. This cursed drug addiction can be checked by creating social awareness. Above all, strict laws must be enforced on drug businessman and drug smugglers.

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