Importance Of Reading Newspaper .

  1. Imagine you read newspapers regularly. Write a paragraph about the importance of reading newspapers by answering the following questions.
  2. Why do you think it is necessary to read newspapers?
  3. Which type of newspapers do you read?
  4. How does it improve one’s knowledge?
  5. What kind of news can you have in a newspaper?

I am habituated to read newspapers. I think it is necessary to read newspapers. Because by reading newspapers we can know various kinds of news of the current world . I read especially daily newspapers.  I read both Bangla and English newspapers. Reading newspapers enriches one’s knowledge. A newspaper is called the storehouse of knowledge. It contains the news of the happenings all over the world. A newspaper publishes the news of various sectors of life. It focuses on politics, economics, business , sports, culture, literature, natural disasters, accidents etc. So, reading newspapers is of great importance . A political leader can know the news of world politics, an economist and businessman can know the news of world economy and business respectively. Similarly any other person can find his favourite news and information in newspapers. People become conscious of their respective sectors by reading newspapers. For all these reasons, everyone should read newspapers regularly.

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