Paragraph on Mobile Phone

  1. Imagine that you are interested about a mobile phone. Write a paragraph on “ Mobile Phone”.
  2. What is a mobile phone?
  3. How and where does it works?
  4. Who are the users of it?
  5. How much does it cost?
  6. How are people benefited from it?

A mobile phone is a cellular phone which does not have any wire. It works through radio system. It can be carried and used anywhere. Nowadays, a cable connection is not needed to converse with others. It is mobile phone through which we can contact with our friends and relatives. There is variety of it . Some of them cover wide range and some of them are short ranged. It is now available throughout our country . The remarkable mobile companies are Grameen Phone, Aktel, Bangla Link and Citycell. Many people are using them for their necessity.Many people use mobile phones as a fashion . People of all classes and sectors use it. Its price is not high . At present the price of a simple mobile phone set is 1200-1500 taka. For instant communication mobile phone is matchlessly beneficial to us . However, it has also some demerits . Many young students are using it too much . It is a great loss of money or their guardians and a great blow to their future. So, we should use mobile phone according to necessity.

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