Morning Walk.

  1. Write a paragraph on “ Morning Walk “ by answering the following questions.
  2. What is morning walk?
  3. What kind of exercise is it?
  4. How does your body get benefitted?
  5. Who gets benefit from it?
  6. When do you take exercise?


Walking in the street or field before the sun rising is called morning walk. It is a kind of physical exercise. But it is also a mental exercise because morning walk helps to refresh our mind. It is good for health. He who walks in the morning can possess a healthy body an physically he can be a strong man . Diseases can not venture to attack him. Everybody can get benefit from morning walk. Morning walk is very essential for the children to build up their body and for the older it is very essential to keep their body fit. I myself take exercise by walking in the morning . Fresh air of the morning is very useful to us. Afer awaking from the sleep at dawn we should go to take such kind of exercise. Those who walk in the morning  feel better than others. So, we all should build up a habit of taking morning walk.

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