My Favourite Teacher.

  1. Imagine you have a favourite teacher. Read the following questions and write a paragraph by answering them.
  2. Who is your favourite teacher?
  3. How is his/her style of teaching?
  4. Which method of teaching does he/she follow?
  5. What is his/her relation with his /her students?
  6. How is his/her character?
  7. How do you evaluate him/her as a teacher?

A teacher is an asset to a country. I have come across many teachers in my student life. All of them Mr. Showrob is my favourite teacher. He is a teacher of English . He is a BA in English and trained in English teaching .He is a man of letters with profound knowledge in English language. His teaching style is very much attractive and effective . When he takes his class, all the students listen  to him with great attention . He makes us share our views and feelings with him . He makes our lessons interesting to us. He maintains an amiable relation with all his students . Besides, he is a man of principle with a good character. He is very sincere , punctual and honest. He is a skilled to learn new things. He is no doubt, an ideal teacher. Because of all his extraordinary qualities, he is my favourite teacher.

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