Our National Flag.

  1. Write a paragraph about “ Your National Flag” by answering the following questions.
  2. What does it symbolize?
  3. Where is it hoisted? When is the national flag kept half-mast?
  4. Which memory does the blood red color bear?
  5. How do you feel for your national flag?
  6. How can you uphold it’s honour?

A national flag is the symbol of a nation’s sovereignty or independent identity. It introduces the country to the whole world. Every independent country has a national flag of it’s own. We have our own national flag. Our national flag is the greatest achievement in our national life. It is our pride and glory. IN 1971, we achieved a new independent country named Bangladesh and her flag . Our flag is green with a red circle at the center. The green color symbolizes the peaceful youthfulness of this green country and the red circle symbolizes the sun of freedom. The proportion of the length and breadth of our flag is 10:6 and the radius of the red sun is one fifth of it’s length. The designer of our national flag is Hamidur Rahman . On our government office buildings , the national flag is hoisted . In the other countries where there are our high commission offices, our flag is hoisted. In the UNO our country’s flag is also hoisted. Even while our army personnel on their duty  in peace-keeping missions in foreign countries also bear the flag. Our president, prime minister and other ministers move in flagged cars. I am proud of our national flag. We are determined to keep it’s respect high at any cost.

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