Social Values

  1. Write a paragraph based on the following questions. Your answer should give as much as detail as possible.
  2. What is social value?
  3. How were the social values in the past?
  4. How are they now? What are the causes of the loss of social values?
  5. What are the effects of it on our national life?
  6. How should social values be preserved?


The traditional beliefs and outlook in a culture are called it’s social values. In the past our social values were very rich. Obedience to the seniors and affection to the juniors were unquestioned . We were hospitable , simple , shy, generous, sincere and truthful. But now juniors are not much respectful to seniors. Seniors also are not much affectionate to juniors. People are not much hospitable , simple, shy, generous , science and truthful. Nobody wants to trust and respect others. There are a number or reasons behind it. Due to globalization and modern communication system. Cultural assault is now acute. We watch different serial dramas of foreign culture through satellite TV channels. We learn their sick social values subconsciously and forger ours, Sick, vulgar foreign programmes through satellite TV and internet are making us impudent. Besides, ethical studies in our academic syllabus are not so far given importance . So we are losing our social values. The effect of the loss of social values in national life is dangerous. There is a turmoil situation everywhere. To preserve to the ethical studies in our academic syllabus.

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