Use of Article .

  1. Fill in the gaps with appropriate articles.
  2. He lives in – U.S.A.
  3. I caught him by-hand.
  4. Give me-one taka note.
  5. Gold is –precious metal .
  6. I am-L.L.B
  7. Mr. Alam is- B.A
  8. His brother is –engineer.
  9. What-pity?
  10. –horse is strong.
  11. Kindness is –great virtue.

Ans: a) the b) the c) a d)a e) an f)a g)an h)a  i)The  j) a

  • Fill in the gaps with articles in the following passage.

I am a) _ Student . I have b) _ reading room of my own. In c) _ room I have d) _ table and e) _ chair. I have f) _ book-Shelf made of bamboo. I keep my g) _table always well arranged. h) _ room is well ventilated as it has i) _door and two windows. I like my j) _ reading room very much.

Ans: a) a, b)a, c)the, d) a, e) a, f) a g) x h) the i) a j) x

  • a) Have you taken an appointment with Dr. Ehtesham?

b) Oh, yes.I have taken an appointment for tomorrow.

c) Is the doctor not coming today?

d) No. the doctor comes to this hospital thrice a week.

e) When should we visit him tomorrow?At 6:30 p.m . I hope he will give us the best advice for proper diagnosis.

f) Tomorrow is the first day of the week. We have to start for the doctor earlier to avoid traffic congestion.

g) We shall reach the hospital before the sun sets.

  • A): Good morning, teacher.How are you?

B):Good morning. Can you write a) _paragraph on Begum Rokeya?

A):Yes, I can.

B): What was she?

A): She was b) _ social worker. She lived in undivided Bengal in early c) _ 2oth century.

B): She was d) _ writer  also. She wrote e) _ number of books.

A): Yes, teacher. I can mention the name of f) _ book written by her. “Sultana’s Dream “ is g) _ book written by her.

B): Where was she from?

A): She was from h) _ Rangpur.

  • A): Anupom, what is a) _ largest continent ?

B): b) _ Asia.

A): Give an example of c) _ mangrove forest .

B): d) _ Sunderbans.

A): Who is Stephen Hawkings?

B): He is e) _ scientist. He is f) _ English.

A): What was the objective of g) _ language movement?

B): We demanded h) _ Bangla to be declared as the state language.

Ans: a) the, b) x, c) a, d) the , e) a , f) an , g) the h) x

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