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  1. a) _   morning walk in a good habit for all classes of people . It is b) _ simple exercise and good for health and c) _ mentality . In d) _ morning e)_ air is fresh and free from any kind of noise and pollution . This pure f)_ environment makes g) _ effect on h) _ walker’s health and mind. When i) _ man enjoys j) _ beauties and solemnity of k) _ nature in l) _ morning.
  2. Once there lived a) _ poor Cobbler. He had b) _ rich neighbor c) _ neighbor possessed d) _ ill-health. So, he was e) _ angry man . He was always f) _ unhappy man. Once he used to think g) _ richest men to be h) _ happiest men in i) _ world. But his j) _ idea was wrong .
  3. Kamal is a) _ HSC examinee this year. He is not b) _ attentive to his lessons . He is very weak in c)_ English . Moreover he is d) _ lazy . So his preparation in English is not good e) _ month ago before his examination he managed f) _ short suggestion and learnt it . On g) _ day of examination he started for the examination hall h) _ bit earlier. He entered i) _ examination hall with j) _ trembling heart.
  4. Literacy as a) _ skill was first institutionalized in Mesopotamia, Syria, Egypt and China soon after b) _ art of writing was invented . Education then was not for c) _ general people but d) _ privilege for e) _ chosen f) _ few who took on strategic roles in g) _ running of h) _  state and religion. In Greece, education became more widespread in about the 5th  Century BC. I) _ Greeks, however, sent  only their j) _ male children to school .
  5. Every Student wants to do better in a) _ examination . But it is not b) _ easy work c) _ student has to do something for this . From d) _ very beginning he must be serious. He should read e) _ texts again and again. He must not memorize f) _ answer without knowing the meaning. He must not make notes from g) _ common source. He should have a good h) _ command over English . By doing all these things i) _ Students can hope to make a good j) _ result .
  6. My mother is a) _ ideal housewife. She is b)_ affectionate lady. She manages c) _ family very nicely. She hopes to see me happy at d) cost of her own life . She does not enjoy e) _ wink of sleep if I fall sick . She is very kind to f) _  poor . She is also g)_ very religious lady. She advises us to follow h) _ path of truth and honesty i) _ woman like her is very rare. She bears a good moral j) _ character.
  7. Michael Madhusudan Dutt was a) _ popular 19th Century Bengali poet and dramatist . He was born in b) _ Sagardari on c) _ bank of d) _ Kopotaksho river . e) _ village in Keshobpur Upazilla Under Jessore District . From f) _ early age. Dutt aspired to be g) _ Englishman in form and manner. Though he was born in h) _ anger of his family. He contributor much to j) _ development of Bengali Literature.

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