Water pollution .

  1. Write a paragraph on “ Water pollution”.
  2. Causes.
  3. Problems of polluted water.
  4. How to stop water pollution.

Water is called life . But it is being polluted day by day for many reasons. The main reason of polluting water is the irresponsibility of human beings. People throw waste into water and pollute it . Ships throw oil , human-wastes and other wastes into river and sea-water which causes water pollution. Farmers use chemical fertilizers and insecticides in their fields . Besides, some people use insanitary latrines by rivers, canals or drains which greatly pollute water. By drinking polluted water people become ill. Fishes die in polluted water and even farming becomes impossible in severely polluted water. It is a threat to our natural environment . People can stop water  pollution being conscious of it. Farmers should use natural or green fertilizer in their fields . People should use sanitary latrines. Ship owners should be careful to build the bottom layer of their ships properly to stop oil sipping . Thus we can save water from pollution.

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