Your hobby.

  1. Suppose you have a hobby or your own. Write a paragraph on it by answering the following questions.
  2. What is your hobby?
  3. How is it like?
  4. What do you do for it?
  5. What are it’s benefits on you?

I spend my leisure by doing gardening. So gardening is my favorite hobby. I have a beautiful garden. It is situated before my reading room…. In the evening, I spend some time in the garden to loose the soil , weed the grass and water the plants. I have put up fences around it . So no animals can destroy the garden. The garden is divided into two parts. One part is for flowers and the other is for vegetables. There are the rose, the sunflower, the china-rose, the marigold, the pink and other eye-catching and fragrant flowers. On the vegetable part I grow tomatoes, pumpkins, carrots and other vegetables. The garden plays a great role on my mind . When I am in despair and tired, I spend some time in the garden. It makes me fresh. Besides this , it supplies our family with some daily necessaries and saves our money. The garden is a great source of pleasure and it works like a friend.

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