Pahela Baishakh.

Imagine that you attended the celebration of paheal Baishakh. Read the questions and write a paragraph by answering them. Which day is called pahela Baishakh? Why do we celebrate it? Where is celebrated ? What do the rural people arrange on this day? What do the shopkeepers do ? How do the urban people observe […]

Drug Addiction.

Imagine, one of your friends is drug addicted and so you know about the dangers of drug addiction. Now write a paragraph about it b y answering  the following questions. What is meant by drug addiction? Why do people become drug addicted? What are the after effects of it? What type of diseases are caused […]

A Tea Stall .

Imagine that there is a tea stall in your area. Read the following questions and write a paragraph by answering them. Where does a tea stall sit? What are sold in a tea stall? What types of furniture are there in a tea stall? Why and when people come to a tea stall? How is […]

My Favourite Sport .

Write a paragraph about your favourite sport based on the following questions? What is your favourite sport ?Why do you like? How many players and teams are needed to play it? How is the game conducted? What is the duration of the game? How is it played? How popular is it as a sport? What […]

Importance Of Reading Newspaper .

Imagine you read newspapers regularly. Write a paragraph about the importance of reading newspapers by answering the following questions. Why do you think it is necessary to read newspapers? Which type of newspapers do you read? How does it improve one’s knowledge? What kind of news can you have in a newspaper? I am habituated […]

May Day.

Imagine that you know about May Day. Read the questions below and write a paragraph by answering them. Which day is observed as May Day? Why is it observed? Where is it observed? What is the history behind it? How long did people work at the beginning of Industrial Revolution? What would happen if the […]

Natural Calamities in Bangladesh.

Write a paragraph based on the following questions . Your answers to the questions should give as much detail as possible. Why is Bangladesh called a land of natural calamities? What is the most common natural calamity here? When does it occur? What is the impact? How do the people suffer? Bangladesh is called a […]

Our National Flag.

Write a paragraph about “ Your National Flag” by answering the following questions. What does it symbolize? Where is it hoisted? When is the national flag kept half-mast? Which memory does the blood red color bear? How do you feel for your national flag? How can you uphold it’s honour? A national flag is the […]

My Favourite Teacher.

Imagine you have a favourite teacher. Read the following questions and write a paragraph by answering them. Who is your favourite teacher? How is his/her style of teaching? Which method of teaching does he/she follow? What is his/her relation with his /her students? How is his/her character? How do you evaluate him/her as a teacher? […]